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We offer a full suite of Cyber Security and SEO services.

AIT specializes in cybersecurity solutions that allow organizations to operate without being worried about risks from various external, internal vulnerabilities and threats. This allows management to confidently and securely manage daily operations of mission critical digital assets with minimum interruptions.
Additionally, AIT provides vCIO resources  as an on-staff CIO, connecting and interacting virtually to identify, manage, and plan IT requirements within your organization.

Finally, AIT trains and educates companies' end users and IT staff on identifying potential Cybersecurity threats and taking proper actions and preventive actions against the threats and threat  environment.

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Managed Cyber Security Service

We deliver a full Endpoint-to-Endpoint Assessment of your entire Cyber, Digital footprint and develop a custom targeted security plan based on your business needs:






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Cyber Security Platform

AIT -uses a collaborative, personalized approach when discussing security, risk and compliance initiatives with customers. Our objective is to understand your unique business, financial goals and regulatory requirements before suggesting how we can assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. As a Security Assessor (QSA) we can create a customized, pragmatic plan to achieve compliance in all 12 PCI requirements.

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Advanced Threat Protection

Web Protection: AIT will keep your users safe and productive. It complements traditional antivirus engines and firewalls by letting you define your own content-filtering policies, website blacklists, time – and content-based browsing policies, and much more through.




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Industry Security Compliance

We provide "Best in Class" 360 Protection for your Digital and Technology Business Ecosystem.


Access content securely with Multi-Factor Authentication.
Reduce risk with built-in Data Loss Prevention.
Never miss a security release with Deferred Updates.
Log in just once with Windows 10 Hello and Single Sign-On.



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Fully Managed SEO Service

We run a full review of your website and develop a custom targeted plan based on your needs.

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Fully Managed Blog Writing

We write interesting and informative blog articles based on your target keywords.

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Premium Editorial Links

With our connections, we get your company published in world class editorial publications.

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Customized App and Mobile App Dev Service 


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